Album Designs FAQ

How do I let you know my design preference?

You can give us a description of the design that you want and don't want.

You can also send us sample designs of your favorites and not so favorite layouts.

Can you emulate the existing design that I currently have?

Yes, just email us some samples with short description of why you like those designs.

What is a Premium Design?

Premium Design is our bestseller. It has no design limitation and we use more effects on the layout. You can put texts or quotes with this type of design.

What is a Traditional Design?

Traditional Design is a plain layout with minimal effects only. You can put texts or quotes with this type of design.

Will you charge for Black and White conversions?

Black and white conversions are free of charge.

Will you charge for Sepia conversions?

Sepia conversions are free of charge.

Do you provide printing and binding services?

No, we only offer album design service. We donít print and bind albums.

Do you provide pre-production services?

Yes we do. Please email us anything that you want us to do for you and we will do our best to help you. Email any touch ups that you may want and we will reply with a price quote.

What are your album sizes?

We can design albums of any size.

We can design albums for printing to any album company, just give us the album specifications.

Other Services FAQ

Do you offer Pre-made designs or Templates?

Yes. Please visit for more details.

Do you offer design services to the general public?

No. Our services are exclusively for professional photographers only. If you are a bride, you can introduce our company to your favorite photographer and your photographer will be the one to work with us.

What events do you provide designs for?
  • Wedding Albums
  • Engagement Albums
  • Parent Albums
  • Debut Albums
  • Birthday Albums
  • Senior Portrait Albums
  • Grandparent Albums
  • Guest Books
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Family Albums
  • Vacations/Travel Albums
  • Portfolio Albums

If your event is not listed here, let us know and we will do everything we can to help you with your album design

Free Design Samples FAQ

FREE DESIGN SAMPLES - Free sample wedding album layouts
Send us 20-40 images and we'll layout pages for free!

How do I request for Free Design Samples?

Please go to FREE DESIGN PAGE or click here.

Design Process/Workflow FAQ

How do we place an order?

Please place your order using the online order form.

What is your production workflow?

5 Simple Steps:

  1. 1. Submit ONLINE ORDER FORM

    As soon as you are registered an FTP account will be assigned to you.

  3. 3. Send payment via Paypal (We will issue a link where you can pay for your order)
  4. 4. View DESIGN PROOF (PDF)

    A PDF proof will be sent via email in 10 business days (M-F).


    As soon as you approve of the final proof we will upload the high resolution files to your assigned FTP account.

Do you give out PSD of the album Design?

We have free UNLIMITED revisions so there is no need for the PSD or layered files. You can get full resolution JPEG files instead.

Important Note: The FREE UNLIMITED revision is good only for six months. Please encourage your clients to view promptly.

How long will it take before I get the PDF proof?

Regular turn-around is 10 business days from receipt of files. We will send a confirmation email of your order.

Can I give design suggestions?

Yes. You may include a sample design when you upload your images on to FTP.

Will I be able to view the design before I send to the lab for printing?

Yes. A PDF file will be sent to you via email for viewing.

How much do you charge for Rush Orders?

Rush orders are delivered in 3-5 days (Design proof only).

It will incur a minimal fee. Please email us for fees.

What is your payment mode for my orders?

You need to pay in full before we forward your order to production.

You will get a 5% discount if you decide to pay your bills in full as you place your order.

How much do you charge for revisions?

Our revisions are absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

We offer unlimited revision request at no extra charge.

Please click here for REVISION GUIDELINES

Does the free unlimited revision expire?

To facilitate quick revision turn-around the free revision is good for 3 months only. After 3 months, revision requests will be charged a minimal fee. Please encourage your brides to give their feedback as soon as they can.

Please click here for REVISION GUIDELINES

What's my next step after I approve the designs?

You just have to wait until we upload the high resolution JPEG files to your personal FTP. You will receive an email notice informing that the files are on the server.

Submission of Images

How do I submit images to your company?

You can submit your images via FTP which we will provide as soon as you register your studio.

After uploading images to FTP, What do I do?

Fill out our online order form. You will receive a copy (via email) of the form you submitted so you can confirm the order specification you've just placed.

How many images do I send for the album design?

You can send two to four images per side.

  • 20-side album = 40-80 images
  • 30-side album = 60-120 images
  • 40-side album = 80-160 images
  • 50-side album =100-200 images
  • 60-side album = 120-240 images
  • 70-side album = 140-280 images
Can I just submit my images and have your designers choose for me?

You can submit them in the same directory but separate them in folders.


Jean and Jackie Files

Jean and Jackie Must Haves

Jean and Jackie Backgrounds/Optional

File Requirements

What file size do you require?

We need high resolution jpeg files approximately 3-7 mb What file formats do you accept?

Please send JPEG files only in sRGB, RGB What color profile should the image files be?

We accept AdobeRGB(1998) or sRGB What file format will we get?

Final file output for printing will be high resolution JPEG files only. We donít give out PSD or layered files Should the images be cropped, color corrected or converted to black and white before sending them to you for design?

You can send color corrected images if you may but we also do minimal color correction and minimal retouching to the images for free.

You can note in your order form if you need or donít need any touch ups for your images.

FTP Help

Click here for MAC format Ė with PDF links

Click here for window format - with PDF links

Revisions FAQ

Do you charge for revisions?

Our service comes with FREE UNLIMITED REVISIONS.

Revision Guidelines


  • Image replacement (2-3 images in a page but not all images)
  • Move a picture from one page to another
  • Change image color to BW
  • Change image color to Sepia
  • Minimal Retouch
  • Text replacements
  • Request to make an image bigger or smaller
  • Request to make an image lighter or darker
  • Resizing of albums (mini version - same design, same proportion)
  • New design request or option layout for a particular page using the same images


  • Changing or replacing all images on the page (considered new page request)
  • Change of album dimension
  • Changing or replacing of set pictures already chosen and designed
  • New design request or option layout for a particular page using different images
How long does the revision process take?

Once the revision request is received, a new pdf document will be made available within 3 business days.

Please refer to your revision schedule.

How long will my files be kept?

Storytellers will keep your files for 6 months only. Please encourage your clients to view and approve the design right away to avoid delays in production.

Payment FAQ

How do we send our payment?

All payments will be via Paypal or Xoom (A payment request will be sent to you via email).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal or Xoom. You can pay using your Bank account or PayPal account.

Note: We donít accept door-to-door payments. Please choose bank transfer if you wish to pay using Xoom.

Paypal payments will go directly to our Paypal account.

For Paypal payments via XOOM:
Add to payment request bill Ė Please make sure to choose bank to bank transfer . We will not be responsible for cancellation fees when you accidentally have chosen the door-to-door delivery payment method.

Contact FAQ

How do we contact you?

Please send your email to

We will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

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