Album Order Details

Name of Client/Couple
Date of Event
Cover Page Information
Design Type
Album Type/Orientation
No. of Pages and Sides
Album Format

Additional instructions
Retouch images (with additional fee)
Color correct images (with additional fee)
Convert some images to B&W
Convert some images to sepia
No sepia
Crop some images
Don't crop
Add text/quotes (should be provided by client)
No text/quotes
Arrange images in sequence (with additional charge)

No. of images uploaded

Other Instructions/Design Preference


Layout Specification
All layout specification and materials should be given prior to the production of the layout. If the layout has been completed and the client decides to change the layout specification (size, number of images, number of pages, design type etc.), a corresponding amount shall be charged to the client on top of the agreed design type price.

Failure to Perform
If the Artist/Company cannot perform on this agreement due to illness, casualty, strike, act of God or any other cause beyond the control of the parties, client shall hold the Artist/Company harmless for any damages or any claim of liability arising from the Artist/Company’s inability to layout client’s Album. The company shall make a reasonable effort to acquire a substitute Artist/Company to design the album.

Price List
The charges in this agreement are based on the Company’s updated price list. This price list might have some adjustments without notice. Future orders shall be charged at the price in effect at the time when the order is placed.

Delivery of Final Layout
The final layout will be delivered as soon as the client approves of the design. The company shall not be liable for the delay of delivery if the FTP provider or server is experiencing problems beyond the company’s control.

Final Format
The Company shall be providing jpeg format only. Should the client decide to request for a change in file format after the delivery of the files, the client shall be charged a minimal fee for the change in file format and for the re-upload of files to FTP.

Payment shall be made in full before we proceed with the design order. The company shall only process fully paid orders.

Unlimited Revisions Guidelines


  • Image replacement (2-3 images in a page but not all images)
  • Move a picture from one page to another
  • change image color to BW
  • change image color to Sepia
  • Minimal Retouch
  • Text replacements
  • Request to make an image bigger or smaller
  • Request to make an image lighter or darker
  • Resizing of albums (mini version - same design, same proportion)
  • New design request or option layout for a particular page using the same images

Not Covered

  • Changing or replacing all images on the page (considered new page request)
  • Change of album dimension
  • Changing or replacing of set pictures already chosen and designed
  • New design request or option layout for a particular page using different images

We will inform you if your revision requests will incur additional charges before we proceed with the changes.

Please email us for questions or clarifications.

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